Assessment of Induction Training Curricula for Border Officers

Under the EU-funded More for More project and at the request of the Academy of the Ministry of Interior, IOM arranged for an EU expert to comprehensively assess the induction training for Border Police officers patrolling the green borders of Georgia and Patrol Police officers working at various border checkpoints. Between 31 May and 3 June 2016, Seppo Turkia brought to bear his vast experience acquired at the Finnish Border Guard, Border and Coast Guard Academy.

Meetings took place with senior officials from the Academy of the Ministry of Interior, the Border Police and the Patrol Police and additional visits took place to gather information at an operational level. As such visits were made to Tbilisi International Airport, the Red Bridge border checkpoint with Azerbaijan and at the green border sector at Burdazori where Georgia borders Armenia. 

During the border visits Mr. Turkia met with both senior officers and junior officers to get a broad range of opinions and experience of the impact of the existing curricula. The expert will produce a report complete with recommendations for improvements to the existing curricula.