Combating trafficking in persons

As member to the government’s Interagency Coordination Council, IOM continues counter-trafficking activities in Georgia aimed at capacity building of law enforcement and victim assistance structures, coupled with direct assistance to victims of trafficking. IOM’s services include pre-departure assistance, referral to medical care, safe return to country of origin, as well as assistance for reintegration purposes in their home communities. 

IOM’s technical cooperation activities have helped build the capacity of both government and civil society institutions to better address the challenges posed by human trafficking in Georgia.

This includes the training of non-governmental organizations and government officials, such as police, technical support in the development of counter-trafficking legislation, policies and procedures, and infrastructural upgrades.

IOM Georgia has been implementing counter-trafficking projects, with the funding from INL, since 2010 and has arranged seminars to increase the degree of operational contacts between Georgian and Turkish law enforcement officers to combat trafficking in persons. 

Additionally tailored assistance for victims of trafficking to return safely to Georgia or from Georgia to their countries of origin has been organized. 

IOM`s school education campaign in Georgia to prevent trafficking in persons

IOM cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia to introduce lessons in schools to raise the awareness of teenagers in the country and thus contribute to the prevention of trafficking in persons.

You can download here school books in the Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages.

As an important tool to raise awareness in society of the dangers of trafficking and for its ultimate prevention, IOM has produced a number of clips in the past years.

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