Facilitating Labour Mobility - Training for Labour Migration Policy Makers and Practitioners

On 21 – 22 September 2017 IOM Georgia organized at training in Tbilisi for labour migration policy makers and practitioners. The two-day training was led by Ms. Tanja Dedovic, Labour Mobility and Human Development Coordinator for the Regional Office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Representatives of the Ministry Labour, Health and Social Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Science, Social Service Agency, Diaspora Relations Department and the State Commission on Migration Issues participated in the training, which focused on international frameworks and cooperation for the facilitation of labour mobility, labour mobility policies and practices for development and labour mobility in the context of migration and development.

The training took place under the project “Piloting Temporary Labour Migration of Georgian Workers to Poland and Estonia” funded by the IOM Development Fund (IDF). This is a pilot project in Georgia. Its results are significant for development of temporary legal labour migration schemes and models.