Georgian Officials Complete Document Examination Advanced Level Training Course in the Netherlands

9 - 14 November 2015

Under the EU-funded project “Reinforcing the Capacities of the Government of Georgia in Border and Migration Management” IOM organized a study visit in the Netherlands for nine representatives from Georgian authorities on the topic of document examination and identity fraud.

Representatives from Patrol Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA), as well as a representative of the Public Service Development Agency (PSDA) of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, successfully completed Advance Level Document Examination Training Course offered by Dutch experts from Identity Fraud and Documents Centre of Expertise (ECID) of Royal Constabulary in Schiphol, the Netherlands.

Throughout the five-day intensive course the experts addressed the topics of document security techniques, printing techniques, document examination, digital printing techniques, and security elements in documents. The training course combined theory with practical exercises, during which the participants observed different techniques and equipment used in securing travel and ID documents. Special focus was made on security features in breeder documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, which are most vulnerable when it comes to forgery.

All training participants successfully completed final practical examination during which they examined documents in front of two experts from ECID.

The training is specifically designed to build and develop document examination skills within the Georgian Patrol Police. The officers trained will become document focal points in their respective locations and will not only play a key role in training others but will also ensure that the latest trends in document fraud are relayed to fellow officers.