Information Campaign for Preventing Irregular Migration Has Kicked-Off

Funded by the Federal Immigration Service of Belgium, IOM has started the implementation of a 6 month information campaign targeting the population of Georgia with messages about irregular migration from Georgia to Europe.

The purpose of this campaign will be to raise awareness in Georgian society about the risks attached to irregular migration, and also to highlight the positive aspects of legal migration. 

IOM will closely cooperate with state authorities and non-governmental partners in implementing a complex and multi-media information campaign, consisting of posting public service announcements on TV, radio and social media, as well as public information meetings across the Georgian territory. Close cooperation with mass-media outlets with both national and local coverage will be instrumental for disseminating the campaign messages to all interested persons in Georgia, especially those who are thinking of migrating to Europe.

Ms. Katy Verzelen, representative of the Belgian Immigration Service, addresses the participants of the kick-off event

This information campaign will last until the end of November this year and IOM will post frequent updates on this website.

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