IOM Trains Prosecutors and Criminal Investigators on Trafficking in Human Beings

Under the United States Department of State (INL) - funded project “Trafficking for Labour Exploitation, with a special focus on the Exploitation of Child Labour” IOM invited law enforcement human trafficking expert Bernie Gravett to train State Prosecutors and Police Investigators from Tbilisi and Batumi.

Included in the training were sessions on special investigation techniques applicable to Trafficking in Human Beings and Crime Scene Examination. Throughout the training course there were practical group work sessions concerning screening interviews and crime scene investigations. Mr. Gravett used real examples of Trafficking in Human Beings as case studies to assist in not only bringing subjects to life but also to show how errors were made and how investigations could have been significantly improved. Mr. Vladimer Turmanidze, Senior Prosecutor from Batumi commented that the training provided “valuable insights into new developments in the pursuit of perpetrators of labour exploitation”.