Migration and Development


IOM supports capacity building and awareness raising of migration and regional development authorities and central, regional and local authorities on how  to mainstream migration into local  development plans and programming and harness Diaspora’s and migrant’s economic potential for development at the local level. Further, through its activities in the field of Migration and Development IOM contributes to enhanced communication and cooperation between the state and Diaspora via online web-platform development. 

Garikula Summer School Project by Resource Person from the Netherlands for Shota Rustaveli theatre and Film University and Tbilisi State Academy of Arts Students

The key partner and the main beneficiary in linking diaspora to development is the Office of the State Minister of Georgia on Diaspora Issues. Georgian consulates/embassies and diaspora organizations in the selected destination countries are actively involved in information dissemination. The IOM Mission to Georgia works together with other IOM Missions to share experience and technical support.

IOM discusses joint campaing with the Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Diaspora Issues for launching Diaspora web portal - www.tanamemamule.ge 

IOM Georgia works to raise awareness among Georgian diasporas and Georgian nationals abroad on the planned establishment of the new service portal www.tanamemamule.ge to provide Georgian diaspora with the comprehensive information on the developments and investment opportunities in the country as well as on various opportunities in the fields of employment, education, culture, health and social assistance. 

Development of Migration Data Management System 

In 2010 and 2011, in close cooperation with the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice and other stakeholders, IOM implemented exploratory activities aiming at developing basic terms of reference for the development of an inter-ministerial system for managing the collection, sharing, processing and analysing data related to migration. Developing this inter-ministerial data management system has been marked as one of the priorities of the Georgian government in the field of migration and will be addressed under the framework of the project “Reinforcing the Capacities of the Government of Georgia in Border and Migration Management”.