Ministry of Interior's Academy and Patrol Police Benefit from Procurement under EU-funded Project

On 15 May IOM provided the Patrol Police of Georgia with 50 hand held devices to improve document examination capacity at frontline border checkpoints. The devices provide magnification capacity as well as a selection of light sources to detect fraud. Seventeen of these devices will be used at the arrivals control at the new terminal at Tbilisi International Airport. The rest will be distributed to Patrol Police at key checkpoints such as Sarpi, Red Bridge and Sadakhlo. 

Patrol Police officer Liana Chutlashvili explains best use of the Regula devices donated at Tbilisi International Airport.

The handover took place at Tbilisi International Airport in the presence of the Director of the Patrol Police, Goga Razmadze. On 24 May IOM provided more document examination equipment to the Academy of the Ministry of Interior. The equipment consisted of the same hand-held first-line inspection devices provided to the Patrol Police as well as desktop instruments for more thorough inspection of suspicious documents in a second-line setting. This equipment will boost the capacity of the Academy to train future border control inspectors and also offer targeted re-training for existing Patrol and Border Police officers. This procurement will also help the Academy to offer in-depth, high-quality courses on document examination for representatives of other ministries that have a role to play in the management of immigration and the borders of Georgia.

Improved inter-ministerial coordination in the field of document examination is one of the key objectives that IOM has been pursuing over the past few years under the EU-funded More for More project. As well as presenting the Academy with the aforementioned equipment, IOM also handed over equipment for the Academy’s printing house.

The EU-funded More for More project will finish on 10 July.