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​By António Vitorino, Director General International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Migration is the great issue of our era. Migration With Dignity (#WithDignity) is the theme of 2018’s International Migrants Day, which we observe on Tuesday (18 December). 

Dignity is at the core of our mission. Treating all migrants with dignity is the fundamental requirement we face before anything else we attempt on migration—a troubling issue coming at a troubling time for the world community—because our future depends on it. So, too, does our present. 



Migrants Urged to “Know Your Status” on World AIDS Day

Tbilisi/Minsk – Stigma and lack of awareness are two of the major factors preventing migrants from knowing their HIV status, making them more vulnerable to AIDS. That’s the conclusion of two new IOM studies released this week in Belarus and Georgia to mark World AIDS Day on 1 December. The theme this year is “Know Your Status” and the IOM reports underline the extra risks to which migrants are exposed.

Global Migration Film Festival 2018 in Georgia

14 - 15 - 17 - 18 დეკემბერი/December 2018

საქართველოში "მიგრაციის ფილმების გლობალური ფესტივალის" ფარგლებში შეგიძლია იხილო ფილმები, რომლებშიც ნაჩვენებია ის იმედი და სირთულეები, რაც ახლავს მიგრაციას. ადგილები შეზღუდულია.

The Global Migration Film Festival in Georgia showcases films that capture the promise and challenges of migration.


IOM's "Invisible in Plain Sight" Anti-trafficking Campaign Launched on EU Anti-Trafficking Day in Batumi

On 18 October - EU Anti-Trafficking Day IOM launched it's "Invisible in Plain Sight Campaign" in Batumi, Georgia. The campaign is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and in Georgia IOM is implementing it jointly with the State Fund for Protection and Assistance of (Statutory) Victims of Human Trafficking and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Justice. The Campaign is an art-installation, real stories of trafficking victims, which in now placed in Rose Square in Batumi.

Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration, Mobility and Integrated Border Management Meeting on Information Campaigns

On 11-12 October Tbilisi hosted Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration, Mobility and Integrated Border Management Meeting on Information Campaigns initiated by the Public Service Development Agency and the State Commission on Migration Issues and organized by IOM.

IOM and the State Fund sign Memorandum of Understanding

8 October 2018

IOM continues to work together with the Georgian State Fund for Protection and Assistance to Victims of Trafficking in Persons (the State Fund) in the area of counter-trafficking. As a token of IOM’s commitment to support the Georgian authorities in well-coordinated counter-trafficking action, IOM has extended the Memorandum of Understanding with the State Fund by two years until October 2020. The Memorandum was signed on 8 October 2018 by Mrs. Sanja Celebic Lukovac, IOM Georgia Chief of Mission and Ms. Meri Maghlaperidze, the Director of the State Fund.



API/PNR Study Visit to the Netherlands

25 - 26 September 2018

Under the EU-funded SBMMG Project, IOM organized a visit to the Netherlands for seven representatives of the Government of Georgia. They visited the Advance Passenger Information (API) Centre of the Targeting Centre Border to learn more about the work of this centre and understand how working with API data can improve analysis. 

During the two-day visit, which took place on 25 - 26 September, the representatives of the Operational Technical Agency of the State Security Service of Georgia, which is the leading agency in API project development, the Revenue Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia met with the employees of the Advance Passenger Information Centre of the Targeting Centre Borders operating under the Royal Constabulary (“Koninlijke Marechaussee”) of the Netherlands. The delegation was introduced to the actual work of the centre, the crucial role of the Air Account Manager, visited the border authorities at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and saw how they process API data and their use during actual border control procedures.