Support Reintegration of Georgian Returning Migrants and the Implementation of the EU-Georgia Readmission Agreement

The Targeted Initiative for Georgia (TIG) project “Support reintegration of Georgian returning migrants and the implementation of the EU-Georgia readmission agreement” is being implemented with financial assistance from the European Union as a leading project of the cooperation betweenGeorgia and EU Member States defined in the Mobility Partnership Declaration signed in November 2009.


Supplying Workforce to the Georgian Labor Market, 2011

Unemployment represents the most acute socio-economic problem for modern Georgia and the country’s most significant challenge. The government also recognizes this and increasingly intensifies its efforts to mitigate and regulate the issue. The aim of the research conducted in February – June of 2011 was to determine the volume and structure of the workforce on the labor market and identify their compliance with employers’ requirements.

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Labour Market in Georgia

Strong employment numbers and a robust labor market are crucial for economic development and enhancement of the nation’s social cohesion. Government is responsible to design and enact mechanisms to achieve the goals of supporting employment numbers and strengthening the labor market. The special survey conducted in June and July 2010 by IOM within the framework of the USAID Job Counseling and Placement Project sought data on current and prospective demand for labor by economic activity and by region, and studied factors effecting business development and job creation.

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Research on the Business Environment and Employers Demand for Labour in Samtskhe-Javakheti - 2010

In July 2007, through the financial support of the Government of the Czech Republic and USAID, IOM carried out a special research to study employer workforce demand in 14 regions of Georgia. The research covered the following spheres: processing industry, construction, tourism (tourist agencies, hotels, and restaurants), consumer service, seaports and their infrastructure.

Migration in Georgia: A Country Profile 2008

IOM has produced a Migration Profile for Georgia in an attempt to bring existing information together in a structured manner. This document presents information and data available on immigration, emigration, irregular migration, diaspora and remittances. The attached document is the result of data collection conducted over 2008, whereas IOM is keen to continue producing Migration Profiles in the future as well.

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