Retreat to Finalize the Risk Analysis Methodological Manual for Border Management

From 18-19 May 2017 and under the EU-funded More for More project 2013-2017 IOM facilitated a retreat at the Ambassadori Hotel in Kachreti for key government stakeholders from the Ministry of Interior. The aim was to pull together representatives from, inter alia, the Info-Analytical Department, Border Police, Patrol Police and Migration Department as well as legal advisors from the Ministry to review and finalise the Risk Analysis Methodological Manual. 
This manual is the culmination of work carried out under the guidance of Polish expert identified by IOM in 2014 and who has been supporting the development of risk analysis capacity in border management in Georgia since that time. Further support for the Ministry of Interior in this area will be provided by the EU under the forthcoming More for More project 2017-2020.