Study Visit of Georgian Officials to Estonia on Border Management Risk Analysis Methods

As a follow-up to the risk analysis Assessment Report produced for the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) by an EU expert from Poland, IOM organized a study visit for MIA officials from 25 to 29 October 2015 to gain exposure to border management risk analysis methods in another EU Member State, Estonia. 

Georgian Delegation with Chief of a newly renovated “green border” Station with Russia and Chief of BCP in Narva

Representatives of Patrol Police, Information-Analytical Department, Migration Department and State Security Agency met with their counterparts from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board in Tallinn and Narva to discuss risk analysis and intelligence management-related issues as well as technical aspects of border and migration management.

In Narva, Mr. Andrus Reimaa, chief of a newly renovated “green border” station introduced the Georgian delegation to the situation at the Eastern border of Estonia with Russia. There officials also met with the Chief of the Border Check Point, Mr. Üllar Kustala, who briefed them about the technical capacities of Estonian border guards in overcoming border management-related challenges.

In Tallinn, the Georgian delegation met with the Head of the Risk Analysis Division of the Intelligence Management Bureau, Mr. Toomas Kuuse and Risk Analysis Expert, Mr. Ago Tikk.  The two officials provided a general overview of the Estonian approach to migration and border management-related risk assessment and discussed and demonstrated various methods of data processing and analysis.

In addition, a visit was organized to the Estonian Rescue Service in Tallinn, where the study tour participants learned about how Estonia responds to emergency calls and dispatches police, rescue and emergency resources.

Estonian colleagues shared with the Georgian Delegation relevant risk analysis and reporting frameworks and methods. This study visit established cooperation that will contribute to the further development of risk analysis system within the relevant authorities of Georgia to meet the varied challenges of border management.