United Nations Partnership for Sustainable Development

Georgia 2016 - 2020

Over the last decade Georgia benefited from significant political, social and economic development reflected in improved human development, governance, social and economic indicators. Three landmark elections in 2012-2014 led to peaceful transfer of power by means of transparent and credible elections. The latter along with improved international scores for democracy, media and civil society development as documented by Freedom House, National Democratic Institute (NDI), Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) project; IREX media sustainability index and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) sustainability index demonstrates the country’s continuous progress towards consolidated democracy.

However, in parallel to visible improvements, institutional capacities are yet to be improved at different levels of government institutions. 

The 2016-2020 UNPSD stems from a thorough analysis of progress made by the country and remaining challenges in political, social and economic development as reflected in the Government 2014 Progress Report to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)6, annual reports of the government ministries, recommendations of UN Human Rights mechanisms and Country Assessment Report supported by the UN Country Team (UNCT) as part of UNPSD strategic planning exercise.

2016-2020 UNPSD document